A Gift of a Lifetime

Try to imagine a gift that is so unique, it’s rarely – if ever – been given. It’s difficult to think of one. Somewhere in the world, someone has given every conceivable gift, from the more ordinary: flowers, jewelry, dinner, a Broadway show. . .to the extravagant: a luxury vacation, car, even a house or mansion – perhaps even an island!

But material things are only so memorable and not very personal. The ‘wow’ factor fades with time. And very few of us can actually afford to buy an island. Your wife may remember you gave her a diamond, but was it a birthday present or anniversary gift? Was that two years ago or five?

A gift book from Marilyn’s Memoir™ will never be forgotten and always cherished. How many people can say they were given a book that was actually written about them? Their very own book!

The recipient of a gift Novoir™, along with everyone who sees it, will be astonished by both its novelty and beauty, cover to cover, and the incredible story within, framed by fully designed pages and illustrated with personal photos and other special memorabilia.

When giving a Novoir to a special someone, couple, or family, we’ll help you announce your gift with a premium card and explanatory brochure. A custom, artisan-crafted mini book featuring your personal message to announce the gift and express your feelings is an additional option that will really make an impact. Or, choose from our original poetry for simplified but spectacular gift-giving. We also offer a Signature Preview card that actually displays a selection from the gift recipient’s manuscript!

Information and examples can be found on the Gift Announcements page.

A gift of legacy and one of history, the gift of a Novoir has no equal. It is a gift of heart, a gift of soul…the gift of a lifetime.

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