Gift Announcements

A Novoir from Marilyn’s Memoir is the gift of a lifetime indeed. Something as monumental and meaningful as gifting one of our Novoirs deserves an extra special announcement. To help our clients with this joyful event, we’ve created a unique greeting card (our Signature Preview Card) and a custom miniature book (our Marilyn’s Memoir Mini Book) as two such options.
Signature Preview Card

The Signature Preview Card is unlike any other because it contains an excerpt of the gift recipient’s actual story, displayed on heavy linen cardstock through a 4×6 window in the front of the card. The card itself is made of a sturdy, silver-shimmer cardstock and opens to your personal message printed on vellum attached to the interior, right-hand side. Or, select from one of our original poems to be printed on the vellum and write your own message inside the card. Either way, the result will be an unexpected, thrilling glimpse into the recipient’s special Novoir gift through this custom, hand-made card from the heart.

Marilyn’s Memoir Mini Book

Taking the surprise to the next level, the Marilyn’s Memoir Mini Book is truly a show stopper. It’s a completely customized, hand-sized, hand-crafted book containing your personal message, beautifully inscribed on thick, archival-quality paper in the calligraphy style of your choice. The cover is wrapped in the finest leather and silk and features a custom phrase or graphically designed monogram that is stamped on the front with an antique hand press. You may also choose one of our original poems for inclusion in your calligraphically rendered message or write your own note in the blank pages left at the end for that extra personal touch.

The Signature Preview Card and Marilyn’s Memoir Mini Book may be given while the gift book is in progress or along with the finished gift Novoir. Your Marilyn’s Memoir project manager can help you help you create one of these exclusive gift announcements at your request.


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