Founder’s Personal Guarantee

Dear Friend,

When I came up with the idea for the company Marilyn’s Memoir, it was because of my experience in trying to give my wife what I thought would make an extraordinarily meaningful gift – a beautifully made book capturing our life story. That very naturally led to the idea of creating a book to preserve the life and memory of my late mother, after whom Marilyn’s Memoir is named. What I found in the marketplace were memoir/biography writing services that were either far too expensive and offered only a partial solution with just a manuscript, or were nothing more than veritable scrapbook sites. Because I sincerely believe each one of us has a life of experiences that make a great and memorable story, I decided to use all I learned about the [surprisingly complicated] book writing and building process to fill this need.

The Marilyn’s Memoir Novoir captures memories, the points-of-view of friends and family, and personal stories that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and generations to come. When I read the book we created for my wife Sarah’s birthday, Perfect Opposites – The Jim and Sarah Pitzner Story, I had a truly life-changing experience. There was so much I had forgotten, and to see our photos in conjunction with our story made an indelible impact. My mother’s story, Marilyn’s Memoir, also changed me profoundly, allowing me to see her for the first time, in a way, since I could see her through the points of view of the others who knew and loved her. Both Novoirs are books that will be passed down to my children and hopefully, one day, their children. For my wife and I, our Novoir will serve as a wonderful reminder of the journey we’ve taken thus far and all we have to be thankful for. As for my mother, I can’t think of a better tribute that my family and I could have paid her than through a Novoir.

The Novoir isn’t just a book. It’s life, kept forever fresh in a cherished heirloom volume. I personally guarantee that when you decide to create your own Novoir, it will be one of the great experiences of your life, something you’ll always treasure.

Jim Pitzner, Founder – Marilyn’s Memoir

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