Our professional authors capture the unique stories of individuals, couples, even entire families to create books that are timeless legacies, family heirlooms, and awe-inspiring keepsakes that dazzle from book shelves, coffee tables, and displays.

We call these literary creations Novoirs,* a blend of “novel” and “memoir.” They are novelized biographies that – with the help of friends, family, and colleagues – are infused with multifaceted remembrances, forgotten stories, and welcome revelations that truly bring your story to life. Artistically-crafted, riveting to read, and beautifully bound, Marilyn’s Memoir Novoirs tell the greatest story ever told …yours.


An instant conversation piece so exceptional and exclusive, your Novoir will be the envy of all who see it – a singular keepsake and a lifelong personal treasure.

* nov·oir1 (nov’ wahr)  NOUN:
ovoir, stemming from “novel” and “memoir,” is the artful blend of biography and book — a compelling collection of personal stories expressed in the arcing, affective, ‘take you there’ manner of page-turning fiction. Utilizing elements of narrative — such as characterization, theme, setting, and tone — to draw the reader in, the Novoir steps beyond mere biography to create a new class of book. Within the Novoir, the solidity of fact and the art of storytelling merge — a tour de force that celebrates relationships, initiates personal reflection, permanently records memory and experience, and ultimately tells the greatest story ever told — yours.

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