Business Novoir

very successful business story is a one of humble beginnings – early struggles, growth, believing in an idea when no one else did, or rising to great heights within a company. Only someone who goes through those struggles knows what it takes to make the journey to the summit. It is a singular, important tale to preserve – the story of success in business and what it took to achieve it.

The Marilyn’s Memoir Business Novoir™ will capture that story for posterity, creating a vibrant, living history of everything the successful businessperson or visionary entrepreneur has accomplished. Whether it is your personal story as a business owner or successful businessman, or a gift to honor a business associate or company head, our professional authors will take the raw material of that experience and weave a narrative historic legacy that is factual, informative, and told in a page-turning style similar to a novel.

This invaluable record of innovations, triumphs, and ultimate success within the business world will be preserved forever in a beautiful artisan bound volume of finest handmade materials, a work of art in itself. Examples can be seen on our Novoir Options page. The Marilyn’s Memoir Business Novoir will become a topic of conversation when seen by associates, sparking curiosity and interest. Imagine that business success story told by a professional writer, in print, including photos and memorabilia, recorded and preserved for generations to come.

How does it work? The process is simple. Our author will interview the Novoir’s subject as well as a list of pertinent people associated with the person or company, those who can recount the various aspects of the business history. The author will then craft a memorable narrative relating that story, our graphic designer will combine it in a beautiful interior layout, and our bookbinder will hand bind the manuscript in the design of your choice. The result is the Business Novoir, a lasting, historic legacy of a successful business.

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