Couple’s Novoir

Couple’s Novoir™ from Marilyn’s Memoir is a gift from the heart that stands apart. Whether given as an actual gift or to simply celebrate your enduring love, the Couple’s Novoir is a book you will both treasure for a lifetime. It’s the ultimate heartwarming, thoughtful, lasting and unique gift.

This type of Novoir features the story of two becoming one…your lives before meeting, how you met, and your life together to present day, highlighted by memories derived from friends and family interviews and illustrated by personal photos and memorabilia. From this, the Marilyn’s Memoir team will create the most beautiful book you’ve ever seen of “The Greatest Story Ever Told –Yours.”

A Couple’s Novoir can be shared with a special someone, given as a gift to your loved one or to a significant couple you know, for a wedding gift, anniversary, milestone, or for no particular occasion at all, other than to show your love and appreciation.

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