Family Novoir

ithin every family there exists a fascinating dynamic, one that makes each one entirely unique. There are countless collections of stories and a vast scope of experiences to be remembered. . .

The Marilyn’s Memoir™ Family Novoir™ captures that grand panorama for the family wishing to preserve the stories and experiences they’ve shared. Within the covers of your beautifully-designed, heirloom quality Family Novoir, the legacy of generations will be brought to vivid life by one of our professional authors, who will craft a literary narrative in our unique Novoir style, a combination of memoir with the page-turning, storytelling techniques of a novel. A factual record, captivatingly told. This heirloom Novoir will be a gift that will surely be treasured, as well as read again and again.

Each new generation will thus be able to appreciate and reflect upon the fascinating lineage that is their birthright. What collective gift to a family could be more meaningful, more lasting and unique?

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