Personal Novoir

Your life, your story, is unique and deserves to be remembered. Most of us continually look forward, striving for our goals, waiting for tomorrow. But what about the journey? Your journey? Isn’t that what life is about? Consider the vast number of experiences you’ve had – the surprising, enlightening twists and turns of life. . .the memories you recall only on occasion. You have remarkable tales to tell and memories to preserve, and Marilyn’s Memoir can help you do it in a remarkable way.

We offer four categories of books (or Novoirs, as we call them): Personal, Couple’s, Family, and Business. A Personal Novoir™ is centered on one person – whether you or a loved one (if the Novoir is a gift) – and tells an entire life story from birth to present or covers specific events.

With a Personal Novoir, you have the option of being the sole provider of the book’s content, or selecting people to be interviewed for contribution to your book.

Read more about Novoirs, check out your Design Options or find out more about the Novoir creation process and How It Works. You are also welcome to Contact Us via phone or email to privately discuss your personal Novoir with one of our friendly, helpful staff.

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