A Personal Life-Novel
& Your Very Own Fine
Art Book in One

A one-of-a-kind heirloom, for
less than you might think

The Marilyn's Memoir Novoir

A Personal Life-Novel
& Your Very Own
Fine Art Book in One

A one-of-a-kind heirloom, for
less than you might think

The Starter Novoir

The Starter Novoir is our entry level Novoir. The following components are included in the creation of your Starter Novoir :

As with all of our books, the pages are heavy weight, archival quality paper. The inks are also archival quality and won't fade over time.


The Portrait Style Signature Novoir | 9" x 11"

The following features are included in our Portrait Style Signature Novoir :

  • The services of a professional author, who will write the book in our signature Novoir style, compelling storytelling that has the literary qualities of a novel.
  • Ten interviews (over phone or Skype) by the author with family/friends of your choice.
  • Professional editing of the final manuscript, which will be approx. 45,000 words.
  • The option of including a foreword, acknowledgments, and/or an epilogue.
  • Additional independent research done by the author.
  • The Portrait Style Signature Novoir can be a Personal Novoir, Couple's Novoir, Family Novoir or a Business Novoir. It may include up to 300 digital or scanned photos or memorabilia, and has a full color interior layout, which is designed with elements harmonious with the custom book cover you choose. The Novoir is hand-made by our artisan bookbinders, of the finest book making materials, using 100% imported Nigerian Oasis leathers. The cover is foil embossed with the book title, and the spine is foil embossed with a name subtitle - (The John ________ Story).
  • We use only heavy weight, acid-free archival papers and archival inks that won't fade.
  • The Novoir comes with a silk ribbon marker, silk end-sheets, and a protective slipcase included.

The Landscape Style Signature Novoir | 11" x 13"

The following features are included in our Landscape Style Signature Novoir :

Contact us by phone, email or direct chat and learn more without any pressure or obligation - we love to hear the stories that people want to tell in a Novoir!

  • Call us toll-free at 1-866-742-5142


Novoir Options & Prices

  • Building Your Story
  • A personal novel/memoir [Novoir]
  • Professional Writer
  • Independent Background Research
  • The Book's Subject:
  • One Person's Story
  • A Couple's Story
  • A Family's Story
  • The Story of a Business or Career
  • Interviews of the Book's Subject(s)
  • Friends & Family Interviews
  • Your Novoir's Interior: The Manuscript
  • Epilogue (Optional)
  • Personal Photos & Memorabilia
  • Full Color Custom Page Design
  • Professional Editing
  • Your Novoir's Exterior: The Cover
  • 100%-By-Hand Artisan Book Creation
  • Premium Imported Leather
  • Special Large 9"x11" Size
  • Special Extra Large 13"x11" Size
  • Book Title on Cover & Name Subtitle on Spine
  • Heavy-Weight, Archival Quality Paper & Ink
  • Silk End Sheets
  • Slipcase or Clamshell Case
  • Silk Ribbon Place Marker
  • Price
9x6 Starter
  • $ 3,400
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Portrait Style 9x11 Signature Novoir
  • $ 7,800
More Info
Landscape Style 13x11 Signature Novoir
  • $ 8,050
More Info

Available Additions and Enhancements

We offer various options in adding to your Novoir, such as additional interviews, photos, digital publication for e-readers, choice of author or additional length to the text of your Novoir. Supplementary chapters may be composed and added to your Novoir in the future if desired. You may also purchase additional hand bound copies of your Novoir, hard cover copies, slipcases or clamshell boxes. Our gift announcement cards and standard or deluxe mini-books are also available.

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