Signature Style: The Colonial

Beautiful in its elegance and simplicity, The Colonial Novoir™ hints at the classic American Colonial style, with clean lines and the suggestion of a shuttered window. This Marilyn’s Memoir™ original Novoir design is 9” x 11”, covered in imported natural grain Nigerian Oasis Goatskin dyed a rich brown. The recessed blue insert is blue French Chagreen leather, hand-tooled with gold foil in an original glyph design. Its title, (an example, Perfect Opposites, as shown) is likewise hand tooled in gold foil. Its subtitle (e.g. The Jim and Sarah Pitzner Story) is also stamped in gold on the book’s spine. The Colonial Novoir’s fore edge, or flap, has an imbedded magnetic strip, offering a unique look that also keeps the book securely shut when closed. Create your Colonial Novoir™ now!

Every detail has been considered and incorporated into this Novoir to make it of lasting heirloom quality. Its inner hinges are comprised of the same leather as used on the cover. The inner doublure, or lining, is pure silk broadcloth. An elegant beige ribbon register, or bookmark, hangs gracefully from the bottom of the pages. The beautifully rendered interior graphic layout harmonizes with the colors and design elements of the Novoir’s cover. Your personal photos, letters, or other memorabilia will be artfully showcased on the pages, surrounding the written text of your story. Properly handled, the pages themselves will not age or change over generations, since they are made of heavy weight archival paper and printed in archival inks.

Your Colonial Novoir comes with its own slipcase, to protect it when on the bookshelf or otherwise put away. Hardcover copies of your Novoir are also available, which contain the same interior layout as the custom Colonial Novoir, and have a cover designed to reflect that of the custom book. These copies can be given to friends and family as gifts if desired.

We trust that your choice of a beautiful Colonial Novoir will become a treasured heirloom, to proudly display, preserving for all time “The Greatest Story Ever Told. Yours.”

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