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Marilyn’s Memoir was founded on the belief that everyone has a unique story to tell, one worth preserving. How many times at family gatherings, when favorite stories are being retold, has someone said, “We should write this down.” Perhaps you’ve wanted to preserve the memories of an aging loved one or celebrate the life of someone who has passed on. Or maybe you’ve even considered writing your own memoir. While many of us have had the desire to record our personal stories, few of us have the time, talent, and tenacity to do it.
Diane Montgomery
…an extraordinary tribute to my sister’s life! This book leaves a timeless legacy for her family, her extended family, and friends. It is wonderful to have her story in this book – for the people who were part of her life and for generations to come.

Read MoreThe Marilyn Pitzner Story is an extraordinary tribute to my sister’s life! I am thankful that her family created this book – it is an incredible representation of the events and challenges in her life, as well as the lives she touched and the role she played in making a difference in those around her. As sisters we were extremely close and spent many hours together. I felt that I really knew her inner most secrets, dreams and challenges, and I believe they are accurately reflected in this book. I was deeply moved by the way it captured her life.

This book leaves a timeless legacy for her family, her extended family, and friends. Anyone reading this book who was not fortunate enough to know her can gain a clear understanding of who she was and the meaning of her life. The carefully selected pictures were a magnificent representation, visually capturing the details of her life. It not only provides insight into her and her immediate family, but also to her extended family and friends. I am pleased to have this book as a part of our family history. It is wonderful to have her story in this book – for the people who were part of her life, and for generations to come.

Diane Montgomery
Diane Montgomery

Through our revolutionary, streamlined service, our talented writers will craft your story into a compelling tale with the pace and description of a novel and the factual information of a memoir. We call this innovative new style of book the Novoir.™ Whatever category – whether Personal, Couple’s, Family, or Business, there is a Marilyn’s Memoir Novoir for you… just waiting to be written.

Mission Statement

Marilyn’s Memoir was launched in order to provide a specialized service, one that its founder, Jim Pitzner, was unable to find elsewhere. We are committed to creating biographical memoirs, for anyone wishing to preserve their story in lasting, printed form. Enduring keepsakes, our books, called Novoirs™, are beautiful, hand-made artisan heirlooms to be passed on to succeeding generations.

We recognize that all people live unique lives and have special stories to tell. In this world of instant communication, Marilyn’s Memoir is in the business of preserving its clients’ invaluable histories before they can become lost to time and, regrettably, forgotten. We believe the life story of the individual is what makes humanity great, and we are committed to enabling you to record that greatest of stories – yours.


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